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Rekan-rekan netter tahukah kamu bahwa populasi internet diIndonesia sudah mencapai 25JUTA ORANG wah banyak juga ya berikut ini data-datanya


ASIA Indonesia

Population( 2009 Est.) 240,271,522

Internet Users, 2,000,000
(Year 2000)

Internet Users,
Latest Data 25,000,000

(% Population) 10.4 %

User Growth 1,150.0 %
( 2000-2009 )

Users (%) 3.6 %
in Asia )

NOTES: (1) The Asian Internet Statistics were updated for June 30, 2009. (2) CLICK on each country name to see detailed data for individual countries and regions. (3) The demographic (population) numbers are based on data contained in Census Bureau. (4) The usage numbers come from various sources, mainly from data published by Nielsen Online , ITU , and other trustworthy sources. (5) Data may be cited, giving due credit and establishing an active link to Internet World Stats. (6) For definitions and help, see the site surfing guide . (*) For statistical purposes, China figures do not include SAR Hong Kong and SAR Macao which are reported separately. © Copyright 2009, , Miniwatts Marketing Group. All rights reserved.

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Sekarang, statistik Pengguna Internet di Indonesia semakin meningkat, semoga dengan kemajuan ini bangsa indonesia bisa semakin inovatif dan maju.

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